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·SPC holds “Safety in Children’s Eyes” speech contest
Kazakhstan’s SPC organized a “Safety in Children’s Eyes” speech contest recently, as a part of the company’s “Safety Culture Year” event.
·Volunteers of SIPC help kids of refugee camps in South Sudan
A soccer game was held between two soccer teams consisted of teenage girls from the refugee camps in South Sudan recently.
·Rig SP-121 of Sinopec Service Saudi Arabia has achieved LTI free in five consecutive years
Since entered the Saudi Arabian market in 2014, Rig SP-121 of Sinopec Service Saudi Arabia has achieved LTI free in five consecutive years.
·Solar roof powers Sinopec’s green dream
Solar panels are seen at Sinopec’s certain gas station roofs in Hangzhou, Ningbo and Shaoxing cities, East China's Zhejiang province
·Turning gutter oil into green fuels!
On May 7th, Sinopec Shanghai branch supplied B5 biodiesel to Shanghai Jiushi Bus for the first time.
·Work together to promote local employment
By the end of 2018, with SSC's $6.48 million investment, 215 local students have participated in the training.
·Education, always the first!
The Egypt Company of SIPC is devoting itself to helping those girls through the Spring Board Project—a project aiming to facilitate girls’education in Egypt.
·Sinopec holds beach cleanup activity in Singapore
Sinopec (Southeast Asia) Pte. Ltd. and Nee Soon South Community Club in Singapore jointly organized the “Cleanup Activity of Changi Beach”.
·Sinopec and Dai Lieng Group hold a blood donation campaign
Sinopec and its East Malaysia distributor Dai Lieng Group held a blood donation campaign a few days ago.
·Sinopec serves 5,155 households with geothermal power in Xiongxian
Sinopec had started 6 heat exchange stations in Xiongxian county of Hebei province, offering geothermal power for 5,155 households in 11 villages.
·Sinopec issues white paper on poverty relief
Sinopec Group has invested 136 million yuan to poverty reduction in 2017.
·Sinopec Fuling Shale Gas Company conducts land restoration
Sinopec Fuling Shale Gas Company takes land conservation measures, with the result that single well land occupation is 30% less than the normal.
·Sinopec achieves 10 million safe man-hours on Kuwait refinery project
The Kuwait project department of Sinopec Fifth Construction Company has achieved 10 million safe man-hours without LTI.
·Sinopec achieves 1 million safe man-hours on Thailand gas pipeline project
On August 9, Sinopec received a certificate for achieving 1 million safe man-hours on fifth gas transmission pipeline project (phase 1) in Thailand.
·SIPC Canada strengthens informatization construction of safety management
SIPC Canada values the roles of informatization on supporting and promoting safety management.
·Brunei firefighters receive skill training in Sinopec Zhongyuan Oilfield
Recently, 66 Brunei firefighters from Brunei’s refinery project are receiving 59-day fire protection training in Sinopec Zhongyuan Oilfield.
·BYC Family Open Day Held
The logistic labor union of BASF-YPC Company (BYC) organized a “family open day” activity.
·ROGWU visits Sinopec Jinling Company
On June 6, an 8-person delegation of Russian oil, gas and construction workers' union (ROGWU) visited Sinopec Jinling Company.
·Baby whale visits Hainan Petrochemical port
A 2-meter long baby whale visited the oil port of Sinopec Hainan Petrochemical Company on May 16.
·Managing our impacts on prairie
Sinopec Canada’s Wapiti Montney project is located in the vast prairie of Alberta, Canada.



· New framework type code for zeolite SCM-15 approved
· Yuanba gas field produces over 13 bcm of natural gas
· Sinopec discovers huge shale gas reserves in Sichuan
· The transaction volume of Global Epec exceeds $15...
· SINOPEC to produce 10 million tons of low-sulfur ...
· Sinopec Corp. signs agreements with Russian compa...
· Sinopec breaks ground to release 2019 report on C...
· SEG announces 2018 annual results
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