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Everyone is an actor

2019-06-19     Source:

A class meeting, with a special theme of World Environment Day, was held on June 5th in China University of Petroleum (East China). All the trainees from the 5th off-the-job English training class of STCC took part in the meeting. Proposed and hosted by Zhou Shentao, a trainee from HSSE Department, the meeting called for the exchange of views on environmental protection in English.

Rather than gave a talk illustrating the importance of our actions or efforts on environmental protection, Zhou Shengtao encouraged the trainees to voluntarily share their individual insight about environmental protection in English. The trainees were very enthusiastic about the topic and went onto the stage in turn, expressing their opinions in fluent English. Their insightful enlightening and humorous speech, plus fluent and accurate English won them laughter and applause from time to time.

“I’ve been thinking about how to link English study with my practical work,” said Zhou Shengtao, a dedicated student on English study as well as an HSSE supervisor, “and here comes a good opportunity. Today is World Environment Day with the theme of Everyone Is An Actor. Why not just hold an English thematic class meeting?It would be a good opportunity to involve everyone not only in environmental protection but also in English expression.”

Zhou’s inspiration was warmly supported by his colleague Yao Tao, who immediately offered to give relevant materials on World Environment Day, aided by PowerPoint. Liu Huanqi, a trainee from HR Department as well as the class commissary in charge of studies, voluntarily made contributions to the modification and beautification of Yao Tao’s ppt.

The meeting turned out to be a real success, urging the participants to think more deeply about environmental protection and English language use. Every trainee is looking forward to the coming of more exciting activities.(Huanqi Liu/SINOPEC Tenth Construction Company)


(Provided by Zhang Jianfang)




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